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I have had some inquires about the honey crystallizing.  Over time honey does this naturally even in the hive.  Some varieties of honeys will crystallize faster then other.  To re- liquefy place in hot water with the lid ajar. There is no change in the quality of honey by doing so.

The honey we sell is unpasteurized.  Honey doesn't need to be pasteurized for it has antibacterial properties naturally.

The process of pasteurization heats the honey to a temperature of 170 degrees F.  It is then pumped through an ultra fine filter that removes the pollen particles and some enzymes.   Which our honey man calls the good stuff.
(Similar arguments can be made of raw milk versus pasteurized with the exception of honeys antibacterial properties).

Cedarwood Honey is our local honey producer that has between 400 and 600 hives and 3 employees.
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