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Raised free run indoors on a multi-grain diet consisting of barley, wheat, oats, peas, corn, and soybeans plus vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet.  Raised without the use of antibiotics used for growth promotion.

Below is information on the breed we raised for our March and beyond deliveries.  They are a smaller slower growing breed.  The meat will be firmer and because they are slower growing more flavourful.

If you use a meat thermometer it was suggested to us that 180 F is sweet spot.  For roasting the suggested setting for your oven is 325 F. 

Frey's Special Dual Purpose

This breed is a combination of some of the heaviest dual purpose breeds still in existence. 
It was developed for those who want a hardy, healthy chicken with firm and flavourful meat.

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CK Assorted
Contains 2 chickens parted out total 11 lbs
CK Quarters
Two birds 8 pcs ~ 8.3 lbs
CK Roasters
CK Quarters
Ck Thighs
4.0 lbs @ $4.90/lb
Ck Necks and Backs
For soup or broth 6.3 lbs @ $2.95/lb
CK Drums
3.6 lbs @ $4.90/lb
CK Breast
3 lb lot 4 breast
Chicken Gizzards
Approximately 1 lb packages @ $8.95 each
Chicken Hearts